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The Centre for Historic Houses, part of the School for Art & Architecture at OP Jindal Global University, was founded by Dr. Esther Schmidt in 2019. 

It is interdisciplinary in orientation, drawing support from the diverse expertise and research interests of the faculty at the university from law, to business, journalism, liberal arts, public policy and architecture. The centre caters primarily to three main stakeholders:

1. Owners of historic houses

2. Heritage professionals

3. The public & the government.

CHH offers a broad educational programme as well as consultancy related to historic houses and the heritage sector.

It aims to foster respect for local traditions and promotes stewardship towards historic buildings. Furthermore, it develops business plans and creates various initiatives to promote historic houses and increase their visibility. The Centre is particularly interested in the support of endangered buildings and will provide a platform for the exchange of expertise and ideas relating to historic houses. It is dedicated to advocacy and to the development of partnerships with owners, academic institutions, the heritage sector, museums and other related business both in India and abroad. It focuses on entrepreneurship to stimulate economic growth through tourism and local business, the built environment and associated creative industries. The business models are aimed at social impact.




Dr. Schmidt is Associate Professor of interior design, design history & heritage studies and director of the Centre for Historic Houses at O.P. Jindal Global University, India. A scholar-practitioner she is inspired by traditional design and the re-vitalization of historic principles of design in a contemporary setting. Her expertise is the research, design, development and promotion of historic houses and palaces. In this capacity she has developed designs for listed buildings including UNESCO world heritage sites and created innovative contemporary uses for historic buildings. Currently she is working on revitalization projects in India in combination with capacity building and poverty alleviation.

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